Hardeners for epoxy resins

Hardener Z 1

for curing epoxy resins

Hardener PAC

to connect components subjected to deformation: for bonding thin sheet metal, rubber to metal bonding, potting components in electrical and electronics

Hardener TFF

for curing epoxy compositions, where work is carried out under conditions of low temperature, often at high humidity. For curing carpet antykorozyjnych- good chemical resistance

Hardener ET

to cure cements and putties, epoxy masses pour, solutions primers

Hardener IDA for curing the masses of floor; achieved an excellent surface smoothness and high gloss
Hardener KT for curing epidianu 607; to a composition containing aggregate screed
Hardener PAT 115 and 140 as components of curing compositions: varnishes, enamels, adhesives, sealants, flooring, pickle, protective coatings
Hardener PF for curing liquid epoxy resins and compositions
Teralit 410 It is a universal hardener for epoxy systems, the production of adhesives, composites.
Hardener P 11

is used as a hardener for epoxy resins and systems used mainly in the construction industry and for the production of composites and adhesives

Hardeners for polyester resins

Metox 50

Butanox 50

Luperox K 1

methyl hydroxide; for curing resins and gelcoats at room temperature

Accelerators for polyester resings

Accelerator Co 10 i 2 %

cobalt accelerator

Accelerator DMA 10 %

amine accelerator


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