used in the chemical industry for the production of washing paint coating, production of formic acid solutions and other chemicals in the tanning industry (dressing and tanning hides) and in textile dyeing processes


used in the chemical industry for the production of solutions and preparations for the tanning industry, textile inducstry, wood, pulp and paper industry, metal industry, for the manufacture of cleaning and disinfecting


used in chemical industry, pulp and paper industry, textile industry, leather industry as a bleaching agent in the manufacture of detergents

TECHNICAL SODIUM SULPHATE used in chemical, paper, textile industry (dyeing).
GRANULATED CAUSTIC SODA used in production of soaps, cellulose, dyes, many chemicals; used as a factor to correct ph (textiles)
SODA AMMONIA used in glass industry, metallurgy, food industry
HYDROGEN PEROXIDE used in textile industry, paper (as a bleaching agent), production of rubber
CITRIC ACID used in chemical industry (production of organic chemicals, detergents, cleaning products, construction products), the cosmetics industry (personal care), the production of polymers, paper industry, the oil industry
SODIUM CHLORIDE IN TABLETS used in textile industry - dyeing.

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