Purchase: Carbon black is used as a colorant, a pigment for coloring rubber and plastic products, production of high-quality industrial rubber products.

Used in:
Chemical Industry and techno-chemical;
Industrial paints and varnishes;
Industrial polymers.

appearanceblack powder, very dusty

The intensity relative to the standard




Texture soft
The bulk volume 3,54 l/kg
Ventilation on the wire 60 Mesh 1,8 %
The content of volatile substances in the temp. 105oC 1,2 %
The content of water soluble substances 1,0 %

Physical and chemical properties:

Shape solid form, powder or granules
Colour black
Aroma odorless
Flash point VDI 2263 > 5000C (furnace BAM)
Risk of explosion ST1
Density 20-550 kg/m3
Solubility/ miscibility with water insoluble
pH value BZ5 Complete combustion with flames
Sensitivity to impact not sensitive to shock
Package paper bags 10 kg


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