Silicone impregnates for waterproofing and reinforcement of building materials

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Preparation for hydrophobization outside surface; walls, cement-lime and porous building materials. Recommended for waterproofing of buildings, gardens, terraces, etc.

Efficiency: 1.5-3.5 m2 of 1 kg by double impregnation.


For concrete, ceramic tiles, bricks and baked silicate, gypsum, sandstone cladding and not polished granite and marble. Efficiency: 7,7-15 m2, with 1 kg of concentrate diluted with mineral spirits at a ratio of 1: 5 with twice impregnation.


Silicone mixture of the action algaecide, fungicide and bactericide and protecting against moisture and damage caused by microorganisms, mainly bacteria, algae, mosses, lichens, molds. Recommended for use both indoors and outdoors. Efficiency: 3,3–5 m2 of 1 kg by double impregnation.

SARSIL W + hardener W

It is designed to amplify and simultaneously waterproofing cement-lime plasters, and each type of absorbent, porous materials used in construction, mainly; sandstone fine- and coarse-porous, limestone, different types of bricks, tiles, cobblestones. Efficiency: approx. 1.5 m2 with 1 kg with double impregnation.

SARSIL clinker

Modern silicone preparation for impregnation clinker elements (bricks, tiles) on the facades, fences, etc. Efficiency: approx. 2.5-5 m2 with 1 kg in double impregnation.


Modern silicone preparation for mpregnation surface made of sett. Efficiency: 1.5-3 m2 of 1 kg by double impregnation.


Modern, ecological, hydrophobic, silocone preparation of oleophobic properties, designed primarily to protect the pavement made of paving stones and concrete elements around the house. Efficency: 1.5 3 m2, with 1 kg by double impregnation.

SARSIL stone

It is designed for waterproofing of color concrete molding, dyed and natural colored stone-facade.
Efficiency: 2-3 m2 of 1 kg by double impregnation.


Used outside of buildings and indoor impregnation roof trusses, joists, beams.


It is used as an additive improver in producing various kinds of facade' plasters, as a binder in paints' prodution and as a preparation to waterproof porous' surface of building materials.
Efficiency: 7-12 m2 of 1 kg concentrate diluted with water in the proportions indicated above and twice impregnation. Consumption of treated depends on the flow of material and application technique

AHYDROSIL K It is designed for surface-waterproofing silicate bricks (colorless), gypsum blocks, concrete, cement-lime plaster, grout and as an additive for waterproofing in "bulk".
Efficeincy: 10–15 m2 of 1 kg concentrate diluted with water in the proportions indicated above and twice impregnation.
SARSIL cleaner

Preparation for the chemical remove of dirt from ceramic tiles and facade, made of ceramic and clinker tiles, and roasted clinker brick, terrazzo and not polished granite.
Efficency: 3–10 m2 of 1kg depending on the porosity and degree of surface contamination trunk.

SARSIL sett cleaner

SARSIL® sett cleaner is a liquid acidic preparation based on organic compounds to remove efflorescence of cobblestones and to clean other areas of building materials, cement raids, residual concrete, mortar, sludge.
Efficency: 5-10 m2 of 1 kg of final working solution i.e previously diluted with water in the proportions indicated above.

ANTIGRAF + catalyst RAF CL Two-component silicone measure designed to protect the facade and made of construction materials such as granite, marble, natural and artificial, polished concrete, sandstone, brick roasted, brick and clinker of plaque inscriptions from unwanted graffiti.
It should be used in conjunction with a catalyst ANTIGRAF CL.
Efficency: 10-16 m2 with 1 kg of a mixture Antigraf + Antigraf CL.
SARSIL ME-40 It is used in undiluted form as a hydrophobic additive for aqueous building materials used in construction works.

Facade paints

Silicone paint, on the basis of silicone resin in organic solvents (wide range of colors according to the template). Paint is designed for application over concrete, reinforced concrete, cement-lime and gypsum. Suitable for painting a wide range of construction materials and objects, ie .:
- Individual construction, both residential and business, with particular emphasis on components exposed to the devastating effects of weathering
eg .: curtain wall, balcony railings, loggias, foundations, barns, silos, silage, etc.,
- New housing and renovation of old buildings, including historic,
- Industrial building (refrigerators, chimneys, elevators)
- Concrete fence,
- Interiors of type baths, industrial halls.
Efficency: approx. 2.5 m2 with 1 kg in two coats


Eco-friendly, waterborne paint, on the basis of silicone resin emulsion and acrylic dispersion (wide range of colors according to the template).
The paint is intended for use outside and inside the premises, both in new construction as well as for renovation work to be applied to concrete, reinforced concrete, brick, plaster cementowowapienne,
polymer-cement, gypsum (traditional and thin film), fiber cement panels for thermal insulation coating systems.
Perfect for protecting and painting facades of residential, office, industrial, historic, sacred. Also recommended for use in road construction for corrosion protection
of concrete, reinforced concrete and prestressed including bridges, viaducts, curbs on surfaces as new and reconditioned.
Efficencyy: 2.5 - 3 m2 with 1 kg in two coats

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