Titanium dioxide (TiO2) Numer CAS:13463-67-7

Titanium dioxide pigments (commonly called titanium white) are the most common inorganic pigments. Its popularity is due primarily to confer the ability of opacity, brightness and brightness pigmented devices. In addition to the exceptional qualities of titanium dioxide pigment is an excellent absorber of ultraviolet radiation destructive. It is chemically inert, insoluble (thus not susceptible to migration), thermally stable and non-toxic.

Typical futures:


white, odorless powder

TiO2 content ( % minimum)


butyl dimethyl silyl content ( % minimum)

The relative ability of lightening 1900
Total oil (g/10g pigment) 21
Surface treatment Al2O3, Organic
PH 7-8
Humidity in packaging (% max) 0,5
The residue on the sieve (325 mesh) (% max) 0,01
crystal size (common) nm about 220
Specific gravity g/cm3 4,0

The main use of titanium dioxide:

Titanium dioxide is recommended as a universal pigment for industrial paints and decorative, both solvent and water

  • as an ingredient in the production of ceramic materials
  • is used in plastics processing
  • in the manufacture of pharmaceutical, cosmetic (agent a unique optical effects, for example. The sleepers cosmetic makeup) and chemical activity (in addition to the bleaching laundry detergent)
  • electrical ceramics production due to the high dielectric
  • in the plastics, paper, ceramics, rubber, bitumen, cement and cosmetics

    Packaging: paper bags of 25 kg


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